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My 2nd grade son loves the redskins. Especially RG3. He is doing a school project(flat Stanley if you are familiar with the book) where you send out a drawing of a boy in hopes the recipient will send a postcard to the school saying he saw them. In this case, my son drew Robert Griffin III. My question is....is it worth it to send it to the redskins? I will enclose all postage if needed. I just don't want my son to be disappointed if he gets no response.

Thank you for your time

Statistics Crew 2005
Statistics Crew 2005  

I appreciate your straight forward question.  Let me give you a straight forward answer.

I have had the privilege to be associated with two football teams.  The Baltimore Ravens and Washington Redskins were like night and day with respect public relations.
Unfortunately, the Ravens would do their best to fulfill your request.  The Redskins have a miniscule public relations staff. I don't know how they get their day-to-day work done.

This time of year is a bad time for any NFL team to respond to a letter from a young fan. No matter what team we are talking about, the folks who work in this role will put in 80 to 100 hours every week.  

In case you are wondering, they don't make a lot of money for their effort.

My best guess is to either mail the request to someone who will act on the behalf of RGIII (like your brother, father, sister, etc) or take a shot at contacting RGIII after the season ends.

Best wishes/Happy Holidays/Hail to the Redskins!
Jim Considine

Note:  the attached image is from the last game in 2005.  The PR Director of the Redskins actually took this picture before the game.  As usual, Mr. Snyder fired him and the staff the day after the season concluded.  Luckily for this person, he went to work for Joe Gibbs Racing.  Gibbs trumps Snyder ... all of the time.

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