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I know this sounds ridiculous, but I believed this until yesterday, after the Browns/Skins game, when I stated that the origin of the Skins was in Boston, and they were named after Boston beans, which had red skins. I even have this image in my head of an old Skin's helmet with a large, vertical bean on each side.
A friend hit his PDA for everything he could find out about this outrageous declaration, found nothing to support it, and pronounced me a knuckle-head.
I, also, could find nothing to verify the Bean thing.
Am I a knuckle-head full of beans, or is there anything to this?
I know, I know, but I'm serious.

Dear Robert,

I just pulled one of the best bonehead moves of the year.  I just finished answering your question.  I was reviewing the grammar, etc., when I click the submit button.  POOF, the website crashes and their goes my answer!  (You’d think the NY Times could afford a better system than the state of the art ASCII method for answering a question).

Well, here I am rewriting your answer, this time in MS Word.

I am running out of time so, I am going to cut to the chase.

The “bean” image is pretty funny.  You are close,  but not quite there.  The Boston Beaneaters were a National League baseball team from 1883 until 1906.  This team had five names before finally settling on calling themselves the Braves.  Then they changed cities three times.

You deserve a little confusion after that bonehead conundrum.

The Redskins have been the Redskins since 1933.  They were also called the Braves, in 1932.  They also shared the stadium, known as Braves Field in 1932.  They lost money the first year and moved to Fenway Park.  The owner hired a native American as the coach and thought he should keep the “Indian” thing going.  He probably figured that the Redskins and the Red Sox and the Braves all shared the color red.  I reckon that the black and white cowboy and Indian films left the native Americans seeing red.

I am going to share a couple of websites that will give you more specifics and actual graphics of the subject.  

Since I am cutting you short on your answer, I will be happy to send you a bigger bonehead story that features the Redskins and their goofball owner, George Preston Marshall.  Just drop me a follow-up and I’ll send it along tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Jim Considine  

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