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Hello Jim,
so often with my friends I have some heated debates with the redskins and ravens on why the "redskins suck so much", they only say that because of the redskins past seasons being under par. So what are some really interesting reasons that the redskins aren't the worst and just as good as the ravens or better?



As a purported "expert" on the subject of football, the way to use my service is to seek objective answers to questions.  In other words, the question you have asked is one whose answer is not based on fact, rather conjecture.
Let me give you another example.  Pretend I am "Spock" from "Star Trek" and you have just asked me a question requiring an illogical answer. Spock will stumble around and sputter without answering the question to anyone's satisfaction.  I'll try to avoid acting like Spock and give you something to work with.
The truth is that the Baltimore Ravens are a much better organization than the Washington Redskins. ((We can keep this information between us) Trust me on this ... I have worked for both teams and there is no comparison.
I understand where you are coming from.  You want some "talking points" that will allow you to shut your Raven friends up for a few minutes. When I was working for these teams, the Ravens fans were always pestered by the Pittsburgh Steelers fans.  We would have the same sort of verbal arguments.  In Washington, the Dallas Cowboy fans would do the same thing.
I'll give you a couple of "talking points" to get you started.  Of greater value, I will teach you how to find more information that you can use against those pesky Raven fans.

#1) RG3 - His potential to carry the Redskins on his back and lead them to greatness is far greater than Joe Flacco's potential to carry the Ravens to another SuperBowl season.  No one will doubt this, but it is "conjecture", not fact.  The fact is that the Ravens and Redskins passing statistics were very close to each other in 2013.  Both teams were ranked in the middle of the NFL.  The big difference is that RG3 played "hurt" all season and Flacco was healthy.

#2) The Ravens running game sucked last year.  They were ranked #31 of 32 teams.  The Redskins were ranked #5 of #32.

#3) The MOST important statistic in measuring the worth of a team is their turnover ratio.  The team who turns the ball over the least will generally be real close to the most successful team in a season.  In this area, the Redskins and Ravens are almost identical in 2013. (Seattle was #1 in this area)

Let me tell how you can figure this out for yourself.  If you do this, you will learn more about the Redskins which will make following them more interesting.

Go to http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/was/2013.htm

Analyze the data.  Get a feel for who made the most tackles, gained the most yards, or intercepted the most passes.  If you click on the cell at the top row of a column, the statistical data will be sorted by that column.  Play around with the numbers ... see what new information you can discover from the statistics. Once you feel comfortable with the Redskins, do the same thing for the Ravens.  Now when you analyze their data, you can make notes about areas where the Redskins are superior to the Ravens. Once you do that, you will have created your own "talking point".  This is a skill that you can use in your professional life as well.

Hint: While answering your question, one BIG difference I discovered between the Redskins and the Ravens is the "points allowed per game" disparity.  The Ravens allowed almost half the points per game as the Redskins. You only need one point to win a game, so if you win by 100 points, it still counts as one win.  But on the other hand, you can assume that the Redskins defense was getting "run over" last year.  This will tell you that they need to improve the defense in 2014. The first question that comes to my mind is why didn't they replace Jim Haslett as their Defensive Coordinator? Why do you want to keep a coach who had such poor results?  The Redskins do stuff like that and it helps explain why they don't improve.  (You don't have to tell your Raven friends about this!)

Best wishes,

Washington Redskins

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I researched and was able to piece together the statistical history of the AAFC Baltimore Colts 1947-49, and the 1950 NFL Colts. This information was used by The Baltimore Ravens for their 1996 Media Guide. The records were entitled "Baltimore Football Records". It was considered "unofficial" since the AAFC league records were not incorporated with the NFL records when the leagues merged. The reason that this information was created was due to the fact that the NFL had prohibited the 1996 Baltimore Ravens from bringing the records, colors, and team name from the Cleveland Browns. The Baltimore football records were presented in order to create a frame of reference. The Ravens have kept these records since 1996, adding and amending as the Ravens football team challenge these records.

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