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Hello David--
My roommate will be travelling to Puyallup in late June through August for part of her schooling.  She is the outdoorsy type (hiking, biking, anything fun outdoors).  She will not be able to bring any of her gear with you.  I was wondering what kind of low cost adventures you would recommend that would be near where she will be.  She will be working 40 hours a week, but should have weekends available for adventure / relaxation.  Any suggestions / recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time!!



Thank you for your question. Unfortunately I do not make recommendations for specific businesses, so I'm not able to answer your question to the fullest. However, if your roommate will be living in Puyallup, she will not be too far away from Mt. Rainier. Mt. Rainier offers a wide range in outdoor activities; everything from river rafting, cross-county skiing, snow-shoeing, day hiking, and nature walks. Here is the link to their web site:

For more water-based activities, Puyallup is not located directly on Puget Sound, but is just to the east of Tacoma which is located on the sound. There are several kayaking companies located throughout the Puget Sound. For the best kayaking adventure, I would recommend driving up to Seattle and kayaking on Lake Union which takes you through the Ballard Locks. I've done it myself and it is an unique adventure. Here is the link for the Ballard Locks:

Puyallup is located in Pierce County. If you roommate is into biking, here is a link to the Pierce County Park's Web Site with a list of all bike trails (paved and dirt) in their county:   

As links don't turn hyper in this e-mail, you'll have to cut and paste it into your browsers' URL field.

I hope I have provided some answers to your question. If you have more specific questions, please feel free to send me another e-mail. I hope your friend enjoys herself in Puyallup, and Washington State, during her visit. Alki!


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