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My husband was a over the road trucker. I was with him. We have been to all 48 plus Canada, and I believe with all my heart that the northwest including Utah and Montana and Idaho are the most beautiful states. They have wide open rugged real estate and I felt freedom where I could spread my wings and truly enjoy America. Never in my life have I enjoyed trucking so much.I had my least favorite states too!!  Just wanted to share this with someone.


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about Washington State. I am very glad to hear that you enjoyed your visits to the Pacific Northwest too. It is a truly magical region of our country and I'm very proud to call it my home. Have a great day.


Washington State

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David Williams


I have traveled Washington State extensively to the point where I have visited all four corners of the state and everything in between. This includes 493 cities, every lighthouse, ferry boat, mountain pass, hydroelectric dam, and even the tribal casinos. I can answer questions regarding day trips, weekend trips, scenic trips, the best towns to visit, the best roadside attractions, and anything in between.


Since January 2001, I have been on a personal project to visit all of Washington State. My travels across Washington State can be viewed on my web site:

Washington State Historical Society (Member) - (Member)

I have an AA in History, majoring in Pacific NW History.

Awards and Honors
During the course of my project, I have been interviewed by several newspapers, NPR, AAA Magazine, and KING TV's Evening Magazine in Seattle.

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