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For the most outstanding view which is the best route to take between Selah and Ellensburg, Washington?
+Interstate 82
+Hwy 821, The Yakima River Canyon Road
+The Durr Road (Sheep Company)
+The Wenas Road (Umtanum)
Thanks for your help and have a Very Merry Christmas!!!

Each road offers an unique viewing opportunity.  It would also depend on the type of vehicle you are driving.  Personally, I prefer Hwy 821 (the Yakima River Canyon Road) as it provides a beautiful journey along the Yakima River; complete with a long, winding road, a recreation area to stop at for a picnic, and a great view of the Roza Dam.  If you prefer a more "rugged" road, the Wenas and Durr Roads will both work.  As for I-82; it's faster, but a bit drab.  I hope that answers your question, Jerry.  =)

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