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tanya magruder wrote at 2008-05-14 22:02:20
I would need more information on the size of product you are making to determine the best use.  The machine or screen size would be helpful.

diana56 wrote at 2008-07-23 19:37:57
How are you looking at transporting the tires from Puerto Rico to Florida?

And how many per day/week/month are you talking about?

Are they regular car tires, truck tires, or a combination?

What is your asking price?


D. EVans

Thomas Quon wrote at 2011-08-27 23:32:52
I buy scrap tires in us and puerto rico. would like to know how much are you selling per container???  

henandoing wrote at 2013-11-29 01:42:30
I guss your waste tires need a set of advanced machine to process . YOU can contact us :

Company: Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd

Address:Room NO.3,4th floor,Building 18,Area A,Yingxie Garden,Jinshui          District,Zhengzhou,Henan Province,China

Tel:     +86-371-56771821

Fax:     +86-371-86222525

Mobile:  +8613643801630



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