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I am not sure how much you might be able to help me seeing that you're in Canada, but I am looking for a American side company that can recycle common battery types without charging me to do it. I saw a news report recently that said here in Buffalo, NY we have one of the worst records as far as taking the time to recycle versus just throwing things out. I'd like to help, but I can't afford to pay someone to recycle old batteries. I don't know of any local companies yet in my search that will do it for free, either through government grants, or what. Do you know who I could go to?

Hello James. Thank you for your question.
You are right that my location in Canada limits my ability to help you. I would start the search with your city or county government offices if I were in your position. If they don't offer a program, they're you're best option for getting a referral to someone that does.
Good luck,

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