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Water Quality/cloudy well water only in extreme cold weather


Well problem Pete wrote at 2015-02-21 14:02:05
I have the exact same problem.  The well water gets brown and silted only when the outside temp drops below about 10 degrees.  This has been going on for 14 years (since the well was installed) and the driller has no idea what would cause such a phenomenon.  We live with it, but this year it has been a bigger problem due to the long stretch of very cold.  

My first theory was rust flakes breaking loose from the steel well casing when the upper section of the casing freezes.  I don't really like this theory, but something is causing it.

The second theory is that the ground freezes so deep it somehow obstructs an underground spring or significant feed to the well which causes the pump to suck water as if the well were running dry.  I like this theory better than the first, but it seems unlikely.

Any ideas out there would be welcome.

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