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Water Quality/Moen Faucet bubbles & odor


jim k wrote at 2010-04-19 01:20:19
We have the same problem and faucets are only a month old. We're on municipal water and they've looked into our problem and have said they add nothing to their supply. We have also installed a Lifesource water filter. Another site says Moen is covering up a problem and hasn't answered their questions about the matter. We have two of four faucets that are affected and they both have pull out hoses. I believe the problem lies in the hose.

tmericaj wrote at 2010-05-07 01:36:52
We've got the same problem.  We had an old Moen faucet that we liked.  It finally broke so we replaced with a new Moen at end of 2009.  When faucet is first turned on, strange bubbles and smell come from water.  Returned to manufacturer and got new, different model.  Same problem.  No other faucet in our house does this and before the new models this never happened.  It looks like a chemical reaction is taking place.  Very disconcerting.  I hope someone figures out what it is.

Ithaca, NY wrote at 2010-05-26 13:26:51
I have the same problem with a Moen kitchen faucet replaced in May, 2010. The water that first comes out  is frothy, bubbly, and has a distinct odor. After it runs for a few seconds it clears up. I called the Moen number and the representative said they have received complaints and are sending me a new spray hose, which should solve the problem. There must be some type of chemical reaction going on when the water sits in the hose for a period of time. It would be interesting to see what a water quality test would indicate.

borninpa wrote at 2010-08-30 19:51:30
Have same problem.  Got new hose but it does not fix it.  Have city water, no water softener, no water filter.  There is a serious problem here.  I may get water tested.

Zesty100 wrote at 2010-10-16 18:34:20
We have the same issue with our Moen Kleo kitchen faucet CA87011CSL. We had the city water agency come and flush our line to be sure it was not caused by the city water. No other faucets in the house have a problem. I called Moen this morning and they are sending a new hose and head. But, based on the posts of the problems reoccurring I am really thinking about finding a new faucet.

In late summer our water company does use more well water so that may be causing the reaction.

The chemical smell is alone is enough to make you feel sick. I am concerned what we have been ingesting. I am looking for a lab to test some samples. I asked the Moen rep whether it was harmful he said there were no known health issues. That doesn't sound very reassuring to me.

Brian S wrote at 2010-10-28 01:19:46
Same exact problem here. I am in NYC and in 60 unit building and no one else had a problem and only my Kitchen sink, a Moen pull-out head model that I bought at Lowes and had installed in Feb 2010 is the only problem. Even the fridge which is connected to the same water pipe as the sink doesn't have any issues dispensing clean water, but the sink REEKS of a chemical odor AND TASTES like it if you accidentally drink it. It has the same highly aerated, foam that is occuring with others. What a MESS! who would want a replacement hose when this seems to be the status quo for the Moen equipment. Disgusting!

marka09 wrote at 2010-11-27 14:56:32
I had the same problem.  I called Moen and when I spoke to their level 1 person, I mentioned that I want to have the water tested.  He immediately put me in contact with a supervisor who said that the problem is a reaction with some water supplies.  I'm not in agreement with that but they are refunding me my purchase price.  They didn't even offer me a replacement hose but rather offered me a new faucet without the hose.  Unfortunately the faucet is white and the only replacement is much less money.  They want the faucet back and sent a label to ship it with.  I've saved a bottle of water to keep until we find out exactly what was coming out of the faucet incase there is a suit or something. If anyone has their water tested please post the results.  

pdub wrote at 2010-12-16 20:34:25
So glad to have found this. Having same problem here...we have city water no well. The smell is scary! We have a brand new house and I noticed this after about 2 months of using this Moen faucet. I really want to get it tested! Please update if you find any results.

HAGfan wrote at 2010-12-28 03:33:22
i have the same problem now, well water, just put a new faucet on. Right when i turn the tap on a foamy chemical smelling water comes out then goes clear. new filter on house, faucet screen is clean. maintenance guy for 20 years and i have never heard of this before.. but it sure is buggin  any ideas?

gma22 wrote at 2011-02-14 01:15:37
Have 2 new Moen EVA bathroom faucets (no pullouts), but they do come with hoses attached.  We have the same bubbling and oily chemical smell. long periods of running both hot and cold water have not solved the problem.

elsee wrote at 2011-06-13 15:03:43
We have the same problem with a Moen Eva faucet.  We are on a municipal water supply. The faucet was installed in July of 2010, and has been emitting an odor that sometimes smells like sulphur and other times smells like chemicals on and off since then.  It happens when the cold water is first turned on after not being used for several hours.  The odor dissipates after the water runs for about 30 seconds.

I spoke with a Moen representative who denied any knowledge of this problem, but said they would send me a new hose, even though I didn't ask for one.  

craig wrote at 2011-06-24 00:55:33
having the same issue.  My wife wants the water tested.  I replaced the cartridge in the handle to see of that would resolve the bubbles/smell.  No luck.  Called the water company, they said get a plumber.  It appears this problem is more widespread than just a random incident.  Does not appear anyone has a definitive solution.

Tom wrote at 2011-08-12 21:34:21
I will add a plus one to this issue. We have a bad chemical smell and odor coming from a Moen 7594CSL faucet. The smell was present under the kitchen cabinet from installation, but I figured it was probably some epoxy still drying (the cabinet had recently been installed as well).

However, the smell never stopped, and a few months later I noticed that the same odor could be tasted very strongly in the water if the faucet had not been run for a few hours.

Please somebody post if you have had this water tested. I would like to know what I have been drinking in trace amounts for the past several months.

BonnieP wrote at 2011-08-14 00:33:45
We just had a Moen kitchen faucet installed and are smelling sulphur, too. It seems to get better after running the water for about 30 seconds. I was wondering why I smelled the strong odor just from the kitchen.  We've had a plumber out and the city water company has flushed out our line twice. I find this very interesting to read all of your posts.  

SP wrote at 2011-08-23 17:18:51
we had the same issue with our moen faucets, the water stunk.   After replacing the faucet aerator the smell went away!

RC wrote at 2011-09-13 15:32:56
We have a similar problem.  New Moen pull-out brushed chrome faucet about a year ago.  Foamy water comes out for the first few seconds, then it clears up.  This happened about a year ago.  I called Moen and our town water dept.  Water Dept said all is fine with water, and I know the man personally, so I trust him.  Moen said nothing wrong with faucet.

Now, over a year later, it started happening again, and has been doing it much longer now.  Running water for several seconds stops the foam.  My son accidentally drank some yesterday, and said it tastes awful.

This is the ONLY faucet in our home that does this!  All other faucets are MUCH older, too!

I'd LOVE to find a solution, or I might get rid of this faucet.

Kana wrote at 2011-09-23 17:06:51
Same foamy, smelly water with the pull out faucet, faucet just under two years old when it started. Called Moen, they are sending a replacement faucet and I'm having the water tested the first week of October. Will update with results in November.

WURD wrote at 2011-10-01 14:40:32
I think the smell is coming from the tubing on the Hose Kit which is manufactured by Cooper Standard Automotive. When the tubing is under pressure and not flowing, something is leaching out and can be smelled when the water first starts to flow. Currently have a call into Moen asking for a real person to contact me.

Wires wrote at 2011-10-11 23:16:52
I am glad I am not alone.  We noticed the foaming which occurs after the water has not been used for an hour or so.  The foam smells like a very strong chemical, reminds me of algaecide for pools.  I will be calling Moen as usual, this was an upgrade to a failed pullout sprayer kitchen faucet.  Currently we are running water awhile before we use water from this faucet for drinking water or coffee pot.

SEPA wrote at 2011-10-18 22:52:38
Moen Level 7106, the faucet with the plastic handspray, has the same problem.  Shortly after installing, I got sick and everything I ate went straight through me for ~3 days.  I believe the faucet problem made me sick.  

Bill R wrote at 2011-10-21 19:19:29
Moen model 7560,I have the same problem, only it took a year to start foaming.

Bill R wrote at 2011-10-21 19:35:29
I just called Moen and they are sending me a new faucet with different internal components; do not have to return the old one.

Miquel wrote at 2012-09-22 23:52:55
Just to let all know, I have had the same problem with my motorhome after filling the tanks with good water from an old hose.  Now when I test the water from the old hose, I get foam and smelly water.  I cleaned the motorhome by putting bleach in the tanks and lines and letting sit for 12 hours.  So, I know the hose is the problem and will not use it again.  

Whatever Moen is making their hoses out of may be the problem.

If you want to try the bleach, 1/4 cup to gallon of water.

frustrated homeowner wrote at 2012-10-16 16:48:52
We replaced our kitchen faucet in 2010 and the water hoses that we used seem to be the problem.  We just replaced our bathroom faucet this weekend and now have the same awful odor and taste in the bathroom.  Seems to me that some of the problem lies in the hoses that we are using.  They are plastic, rubber and it's what they are made of.  They can not be healthy for us.  But what else is one supposed to use.  Help!!  I have a very sensitive nose and sinus problem and this certainly isn't helping one bit.

Don A wrote at 2012-12-09 01:51:04
We have what seems to be the same problem. We had an expensive Master Bathroom upgrade and bought high-end Moen faucets for the dual basins. The lines are coppper all the way until the last 20 inches where it changes to flexible hose.

When I draw COLD water from my basin, it has a short term froth/ bubble appearance and it smells like a sewer. If I run the faucet for maybe 20 seconds, the odor goes away. We changed the flex hoses under the sink and the problem persists.

No other faucet in the entire house has the problem; only the new Moens in the Master Bath. The shower and bathtub are OK; in fact I now have to brush my teeth using the bathtub faucets so I don't get the odor.

I know Moen is a good Company and since I now know that others have had a similar problem I will call them next week and see what they can do for me.

Ashwinee wrote at 2012-12-13 06:31:38
We moved into a house that has its kitchen updated with Ikea faucets and sinks. We have the same issue withe water from the faucet with pullout spout has a distrinct gasoline like odor, quite scary.. No other faucets have it. I am so relieved to hear that I amnotalone and that there is a solution.

So be aware Ikea faucet pull outs have the same problem. Mat be they are made by Moen too, it's unfortunate that such a reputable company would do nothing about it.

Ken wrote at 2013-02-04 06:37:49
I have the same problem with a chemical odour and taste from the hose on my new kitchen faucet, It is not Moen but another brand. !My wife and I are afraid to drink from this faucet and it is the only one that does it.  Anybody find a solutiom?

Ken wrote at 2013-02-04 06:41:22
I have the same problem with a chemical odour and taste from the hose on my new kitchen faucet, It is not Moen but another brand. !My wife and I are afraid to drink from this faucet and it is the only one that does it.  Anybody find a solutiom?

Brand is Danzig.

Bob Mehlick wrote at 2013-02-16 16:33:22
We recently remodeled our bathroom and purchased a Moen faucet from Lowe's. We too are experiencing a chemical odor coming from the faucet. Thought the odor would dissipate eventually but it has not. I will be calling Moen on Monday 2/18/2013.  

Concerned wrote at 2013-06-06 11:01:29
We purchased a Moen pull-down kitchen faucet. There is a smell coming from the hose itself, not in the water. It is worse after using the hot water. The smell comes from the hose part under the sink especially. We have cleaned the area, painted it, washed the hose with vinegar. NO difference. I checked in stores and it seems all the gray plastic faucet hoses smell the same. Do you know if the black faucet hoses will do the same thing? Are there other faucet companies that do not use plastic hoses? P.S., I contacted Moen, and was told that they NEVER have had a complaint re hose smells, and I told them that they had one now! They sent me a new pulldown part with the same hose type attached and it smells just as bad. Another question, is the water safe when in contact with these hoses? Thank you.  

Miami wrote at 2014-11-10 05:04:23
We have the same problem! My husband had the water tested and the results were normal. We called a plumber and changed the hose, the chemical smell persisted and he changed it again. We still have the chemical smell and the foam coming out when we turn on the water first thing in the morning, we get out of the kitchen while the water is running for a few seconds until the odor dissipates. We have a new Moen faucet that the company sent us free of charge, but after reading all the comments, we will get a different brand. Moen has to acknowledge that the quality of their product is hazardous and that it can cause lung problems.

tradernet wrote at 2015-04-25 23:40:30
Same problem as described by everyone here.  But I know both the problem and the solution (for us, anyway). Everything was fine until the kids told me the hot water wasn't 'hot' enough.  So, I adjusted the water heater thermostat and soon afterward the kitchen sink started foaming like a rabid dog and smelling of a toxic waste dump that would even make Erin Brockovich shudder.

But, when I set the thermostat back to 'very warm' the problem went away.  Weird.  Hope this info helps someone find a way to both use the faucet and have water warmer than a polar bear's bottom.

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