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We recently had to drill a new well. It is 560 feet deep. It has a high sodium content  sorry I don't know what the count is but our R/o system that we have is not taking care of the problem even after replacing all the filters. Our R/O installer came out an checked our system and says it should take care of the sodium and we should give it a week with the new filters and see if it gets better.He says our next option is to put a pupmp on the system, frankly I don't see any logic in his advice.We have been running water through the R/O for 5 days since we put in the new filters and the water doesn't taste any different than the tap water, neither is drinkable. if spent $15000 on a well and can't drink the water. any advice would be appreciated.

Hello James,
It is essential that you get me the level of the sodium concentration in the well water and also the effluent from the RO system.  It sounds to me like the RO system is seriously undersized and changing the filters would make no difference.  I don't understand the comment about "giving it a week." If it was the correct unit it would work almost instantaneously!  I would not invest any more money with this company until you get another opinion.  Something is very wrong here!!  The reason that he suggested a pump is to increase the inlet water  pressure.  While increasing the inlet water pressure to an RO unit will increase the efficiency there are also other issues involved with this type of change that would not be beneficial.

Please get me the sodium analysis ASAP if you would like my help.  In addition I need the following analysis:

Chloride (as CL)
Calcium (as CaCO3)
Magnesium (as CaCO3)
Total dissolved solids (mmHo)
Sulfate (as SO4)
Nitrate (as NO4)
Nitrite (as NO3)
Iron (both ferrous and ferric)

This is the only way that I can determine the correct RO unit size.  Also, when you send me the analysis (or even before) please send me all the information you can find on the RO system that you currently have.  One more thing:  why did you have to drill a new well?

I will await your email.
Steve Young
Environmental Engineer

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