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Hi Fred , I have a greensand resin tank and a atlantic filter . My salt isnt going down , I checked and no table of salt . also when i do my pot perm treatment , and I slowly let the water out the purple isnt coming out anymore . the pot perm container says the system maybe starved ?? I have repeated treatment as suggested and still no purple . I have checked for clogs and leaks , cleaned out the brine tank , however I cant clean the injector I dont know where its located ?? I have done manual regenerations but im unsure if my filter is regenerating at all . its set for 4 am and the salt hasnt gone down at all in quite some time ?? It sounds like alot , I know , but any advice on any of these will help me a great deal . we have always had terrible water but lately our toilets have gotten that black yucky stuff down the sides Thank you for any answers !!

Hi Pat;
Sorry for the delay but my wife and I have been gone these last 3 or 4 weeks helping out in "Sandy" relief in New Jersey. You don't say who makes your equipment so unfortunately I can't tell you where your injectors are. However they are surely clogged. Pot Perm is quite an oxidizer and clogged injectors are the norm! You definitely need service. If I were you I would go to and find a certified water specialist in your area. They are professionals and don't usually charge for analyzing your problem. Then you can have good water again. You might ask if there is an alternative to the greensand and pot perm. Greensand is on of the heaviest media and requires quite a high number of gallons per minute to clean properly! I personally haven't had the best luck with them. The certified water specialist will know best after they analyze your water. Good Luck to you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,  Fred

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