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Last Sunday night i notice the water pump just keep running and running after my daughter got out of the shower,come to find out my pump ,that is in my cellar with a air tank below it,lost prime,i tried half the night could not reprime it.So i call a repair man the next morning,he said something got stuck in foot valve or something.So i did not know where my well was they finally  found it ,dug it up,broken end on one of the pipes,so they talked me into a submersiable pump and an new tank,plus brought the well casing up above ground.The problem is now is that i have good pressure now but dirty water,either black or brown,call well guy back he said to let the water run out of a hose until it clears ,i started running it last Tuesday at a low amount coming out of the hose,still not completely cleared yet ,What can i try ??Can you help with any ideals ???

Hi Carl,
Sounds to me like you need to flush it faster.  Sometimes when a new submersible pump is installed it really causes a lot of silt to form in the  underground water table.  What I would do if I were you is open all the outside valves as much as you possibly can and get the system drained much faster.  I think, at the rate you are doing it now, it could take several weeks.  Try that and if it doesn't work let me know and we'll look at another solution but I really think this will work.  Good luck,
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