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Water Quality/Options to handle excessive TDS


Mark wrote at 2012-12-12 11:21:02
Sorry for the confusion.

First I am using potassium chloride not magnisium. My mistake.

The sample that was tested by the lab from which I quoted the numbers (PH, TDS, Etc) was directly from the well.  No softner etc.

When I say the water tastes saltly.   This is a differnt sample that is post softner.

As mentioned the sulfur smell existing in both hot and cold water lines when drawn either from the well directly or tap after it has gone through the 5micron filter and water softner.

The water softner I have is a waterboss Model 700.   

Since my Iron content is minimal I am trying to decided to put a drip chlorination system or other filter to help remove the sulfur order.

Hope this helps.

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