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My water tested at a ph 6.3,60 solids,1 hardness,1.15 iron i replaced all my pipes with a pvc pipe and a new insta hot hot water heater.They request a ph of 6.5 up should i really treat my ph for a .2 difference?Then i would need a water softener because it raises the hardness of my water.How much difference does .2ph make?Thank you roger.j.osborne.

Hi Roger,
It will make no difference! Don't worry about the 0.2 difference in the pH reading.  As long as it's consistently over 6.0 you will be fine.  You really have pretty darn good water.  The iron is a little higher than I like to see it but not high enough to try to treat it.  If you wanted to you could put a whole house filter in your line right after it comes into the house.  It might knock down the iron a little if the iron is in the ferric state.  (Chemistry mumbo-jumbo there! :-)  That just means if it is not dissolved.  This is the kind of filter I'm talking about:


Easy to install and easy to change filters.  Just an idea.  Good luck.
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