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Recommendations for treating well water for a four bathroom and kitchen home with the primary objective being that the water is clear and does not stain fixtures, etc. If it can be used for drinking that would be desireable. As of now we do not drink the water.
The following is the analysis;

pH: 6.37      
Hardness:2 gpg 34.2 ppm          
Manganese:0.032 ppm          
Silica:30.3       ppm          
Hydrogen Sulfide:None detected          
Total Dissolved Solids:171        ppm          

Turbidity:14.8       NTU

Hi Curtis,
I have several questions about your water:

1. Have you had a biological analysis done for e-coli and other bacteria?  If not you should have this done ASAP.  I would want this analysis before I even considered drinking the water.

2. How deep is your well?  Flow rate in gpm?

3. Does the water currently stain fixtures?  Your iron level is slightly high and nothing to worry about unless you are getting staining.

4. You should have a VOC test done on your water (this is for "volatile organic compounds" and is very important).

5. The number that has me the most concerned is the turbidity.  14.8 is pretty high for well water.  You see numbers like that in surface waters where nonpoint source pollution (like silt) causes the water to be murky. For that high of a reading your water must be murky.  Normally, in well water, this kind of a result is due to silt.  If that is what it is you can treat this fairly easily with a whole house filter which is not that expensive.  What you can do is run a sample of your water through a couple of coffee filters to see if that clears it up.  If it does then an inexpensive filter should take care of the turbidity.

So, let me know the answers to my questions and I will help you decide what, if any, treatment you should use.

Steve Young
Environmental Engineer
General Contractor

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