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Water Quality/sediment in water.


QUESTION: Bought the house 4 years ago- replaced the well pump last fall.  We have had heavy sediment ever sine we replaced the well pump.  We added a lancaster whole house water filter- and use their #20 sediment filter (15 micron)

This worked pretty well for 6 months.  Lately I have had to replace the filters more and more frequently.  Recently I had to replace one within 24 hours.

Curious if the "self cleaning" filters are any good, if adding a softner tank would help in any way- or if there is a better way of filtering my water.

We are located in east Charlotte, NC

ANSWER: Hello Stephen,
Great name!  Tell me a more about your well and, specifically, the pump.  How deep is the well, is the pump a jet pump or a submersible, etc. Anything you can think of relating to your well and the pump system.  Also, why did you change the pump?  Did you do it or did you have it done.  The more background information you can give me the better.  I will wait to hear back from you and we'll see if we can get to the bottom of your problem.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

inspection report
inspection report  
invoice 2010
invoice 2010  
QUESTION: The well was inspected prior to purchasing the home by McCall Brothers on 04/04/08

7.0pH trace of Iron and 4 gpg hardness
Pump was a 1/2 HP sub pump

WELL LOG 6 1/4" dia
82' galv casing
145 feet deep
20' SWL
drilled 05.31/78 by DL Mullins well drilling

on 09/20/10 we had no water- after checking the obvious holding tank problems- we had McCall brothers come out and check the system (see attached report) and determined pump was bad and replaced it with a Goulds Pump

ANSWER: Hi Stephen,
I am still puzzled why the sudden increase in sedimentation in your well.  However, I can't see any obvious reasons for it and without actually inspecting it myself, I don't see any reason to pursue this line of discussion so I will move on to your questions.

In order to remove this sediment from your well water you are doing exactly what you should be doing and a water softener would have little, if any, effect on the sediment in the water.  It would reduce your water hardness but that's about all.  I am familiar with the "self-cleaning" sediment filters and this might be a very good option for you since you are changing the filters so often.  The self cleaning systems work by backwashing the filter media periodically to remove the sediment that has been extracted from the well water.  There are certain conditions which must be met in order to use one of these - the main one being flow rate of the well water.  The 7gpm flow rate of your well that you reported is very adequate (should have a min. of 5 gpm) for this system.
Here is the system that I have used:
I have had good success with this system.  I'm sure there are others and you may want to discuss it with the people at McCall Brothers.  They are a very reputable company.  If you have any questions or need more information let me know.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: So I brought McCall Brothers back out- water analysis was

PH 6.0
IRON 0.5 ppm
Hardness 3 gpm

Recommendation was to install a Neutralizer Iron filter under house- back washing model.

Price quote was $3200 (no breakout of cost, labor brand etc)

This is a 6" well- 145' deep-  galvanized steel casing 7 GPM

Would love to know your thoughts on this solution and recommendation on filter brands and sizes- while its only my wife and 2 dogs- the house has 3 full size bathrooms.

Hello Stephen,
You need to get at least on more quote and preferably 2.  The solution put forth by the current vendor makes no sense to me.  If they are recommending a neutralizer iron filter now why didn't they recommend it before?  Same well and same water.  Also, as I understand your original problem it is from sediment, not iron.  While the unit they recommend will reduce the sediment it's overkill for a sediment problem.  And you don't need a neutralizer.  While the pH was a little low on their sample, the first sample it was completely neutral (7.0).  Also, 0.5ppm iron doesn't necessarily need to be treated.  It's not that high.

So, get some more opinions is my recommendation. Good luck and keep me posted.  I will be happy to help you evaluate other recommendations.


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