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Water Quality/New drilled well. Cloudy , particle ( fine ) That settles after sitting for <1hr


I sold my son the home I had owned for 20 yrs. The area was somewhat rural surrounded by small farms. The land was sold...several home additions built ... Subsequentlyy son has had septic problems and recently stopped getting water from his well. A contracter attempted to "clean" the well which had measured 100feet 5 yrs ago & now 80 feet.   A new well was drilled...225feet to obtain water. The contractor said he had to drill through 20 feet of limestone?  Bottom has been 6 weeks, my son has done everything tne contractor has suggested.., the water is still cloudy, dirt or silt filled, undrinkable, bathing especially theist baby., in general bad!!' what can he do?

Dear Sandy,

After 20 years most of the wells produce some problems due to accumulation of silt or sludge. Since you have a new well it is fine. Check the following things.
1. Have you cleaned the well after drilling? If not, clean the well by pumping out completely several times till the turbidity level is acceptable. Since it was drilled through lime stratum,the water is likely to have hardness at elevated level. Once the water has become clear send it for analysis to an accredited lab. After seeing the results, the acceptability for drinking can be assesses.
Best wishes
Dr V N Sivasankara Pillai
Cochin, Kerala, India  

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