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Our house has a well system with very hard water, high in iron.  The previous owner installed a pre-filter, a Kinetico pot perm dual tank and a Culligan dual tank water softener, all of which is 15+ years old.

The existing setup needs extensive maintenance.

Are current available systems more efficient with better technology than our older system?

I know that I will need to make an investment, one way or the other.  It would be helpful to know if the old technology is worth repairing or if the industry has advanced sufficiently to consider a new system.

Hi Bob. Thanks for asking. Sorry I took so long but the flu bug has had me laid up for weeks!
Your best bet is to have a certified specialist check your system,diagnose your problem and recommend the latest and best technology available to you. You can go to www.wqa.org and find such a specialist in your area. They will come out and evaluate your situation and equipment and bring you up to date on the most recent developments in treatment. This they do at no cost usually. Then you will know the latest  and what is best for you. Ask them for a trial period so that you can be sure you made the right choice. Ask also if their systems can be rented before purchase. Above all ask for referrals and check out their reputation. Good luck, I hope this helps.  Fred

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My field of expertise is in domestic water treatment. I am retired and have 28 years of experience in the water treatment field. I have earned the designation of Water Specialist, level five, from the Water Quality Association.I can offer help in the solution for private wells` problems as to `point of entry` and `point of use` treatments. these would include,disinfection,conditioning,and purification for drinking including reverse osmosis technology. Problems concerning well pumps,or plumbing or well drilling are out of my field,as well as commericial,industrial or municipal water treatment. I prefer to limit questions to the average homeowner`s use.Since retiring I have added consultation on the care and ,maintenance of domestic water treatment systems. These include filtration, conditioning/softening,chemical feed, and drinking water systems.


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