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Hi, I have a whole house water softener and am trying to maintain the quality of water. Right now my sedimentation filter is black more often,cleaning it every 2 weeks. We have not had much rain lately and am wondering if the submersible pump is too low in the well which is 80 feet deep?

Hello Renee,
I need a little more information.  How often were you having to clean the filter prior to the recent increase?  How old is this well?  Have you had this problem before?  The next time you change the filter please  feel the residue on the filter surface and let me know if it is slimy or oily feeling or if it feels like a coarse sandy material.  I am wondering if the black material may be an organic deposit.  It is not unusual to get bacterial growth in shallow wells.  I am NOT talking about anything harmful in most cases - possibly a sulfur bacteria or something like that.  
Do you have a water analysis of your well water?  If so please email it to me with the answers to my questions.
I will wait to hear back from you.

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