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Recently I had to shutoff my well pump and drain the lines to have some home repairs done. The water was off for about two months over winter. Upon turning the water back on I noticed the water was a black color. It only affects the cold water and not the hot water, and if I let the water pool and settle the black residue falls to the bottom. It almost looks like charcoal filter in the water as if a charcoal filter has broken. I have used the water normally for two weeks to clear it and at one point it was clear but then the black sediment returned. Now the water system is a well motor, tank, and softener. The softener doesn't seem to be on because it has been unplugged since I bought the house 7 years ago. The pipes do still feed into and out of the softener though. Before I close off the pipe feed into and out off the softener (because the values are frozen cause of age)would this problem of black water/black sediment be indicative to a failed water softener?
Thanks for your time with this question.

Hi Robert
Thanks for asking. Sorry for the delay. My wife and I are vacationing and I haven't paid much attention to my e-mail. Without being there it would be just a guess at what is causing your problem. Since the water was off for two months and you have some equipment that has been seriously neglected for quite some time,it could be the water itself,build up in the plumbing,or some bleed-through from faulty equipment. I recommend that you visit and find a certified water specialist in your area to do an on site evaluation. They do come out and analyze your situation, usually at no cost. Then they will give you some good suggestions and the information you need to make an informed decision.There is an old saying that seems to apply here:"Only two people will attempt to fix a watch,a watchmaker or a fool!" I don't think you are either of those but in this case it might be best to let a professional deal with it.
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