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QUESTION: Greetings Dr. Pillai,

I was asked by my supervisor to write a report about the "Electrolysis" and how would this technology help in waste water treatment.

I do have some basic knowledge about electrolysis from previous Chemistry courses. But the problem is, I can not understand how does electrolysis help in purifying waste water.

Explaining the process even in just a simple way would be very helpful!

Best Regards

ANSWER: Dear Sultan,
You have to consider two types of waste water usually encountered.
One is industrial waste water with constituents that are electro-active, and sewage. In fact, water the medium itself is electro-active and can undergo electrolysis. Sewage contains BOD, COD, bacterial load and nutrients. The constituents are mostly organic and lacks specific reaction paths during electrolysis. Electrolytic generation of chlorine as a disinfectant is the probably the only electrolytic process applied to sewage. This is also not very popular due to various reasons.
Electrolysis is widely applied in the removal/recovery of metals in industrial waste water. Typical cases are Ag from photographic waste, Au from electroplating, Cd from zinc manufacture etc. Cyanide destruction by electrolytically generated hypochlorite can also be considered.
In any case you have take extensive primary references from literature.
Best wishes
V NS Pillai

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your time in answering my question.

I live UK and use The University of Manchester library, but I could not find more than a book the could help me.

Could you please Dr. Pillai refer me to a book or journal so I can spend my time reading them?

Best Regards,

Dear Sultan,
MIOX is a leader in electrolytic disinfection with in situ generated chlorine. Could you search and find out?

You give a search for "waste water treatment, electrochemical". You can get the starting material.
Also search for

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