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QUESTION: Most softener systems do not talk about iron/rust in well water.  Extreme amount in water.  Currently use of water boss does not take care of it.  Thank you

ANSWER: Hello Carolyn,
I'm not sure what your question is.  Please give me further explanation.  If you mean that your current softener does not handle iron please give me the amount of iron in your water.  Is it well water?  Also, any other analysis you have had done on your water.
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QUESTION: Hi, Steve,
Yes, it is a new well.   As of yet I have not had it tested, but it leaves clothes yellow, toilet very orange,have to clean tub each use, can't drink, smells.  We are in a very poor quality water area. Thank you for the quick response.

Hi Carolyn,
Unfortunately without knowing how much iron is in your water and the type of iron I can't be much help.  The types of treatment are very dependent on iron concentration in the raw well water and also on the state the iron is in.  That's a chemical term but it basically means if the iron is dissolved in the water (ferrous) or present as a particulate (ferric) or both. I do know that Boss makes iron filters and removal systems for use with their softeners. Also, there are additives that will help the softener remove iron - this works mainly where the iron concentration is relatively low.  Here is an example:  I don't know about this particular product - just using it as an example.
You should get hold of the company that sold you the Boss unit and talk with them about coming out and testing your water and making a recommendation.  If you can't do that then if I were you I would try one of these additives.  If that doesn't work write me back and we'll figure out something else.

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