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what kind of system do you recommend for home use?
RO? - Ionizer?

Do systems remove good stuff also?
I am arthritic and looking for help.

Thank You

Hello Gary,
Most of the time I don't recommend any treatment at all.  People are on this bottled "spring water" kick and the truth is that most municipal water in the United States is actually very good.  In fact I have seen occasions where people were buying bottled water that was actually not as good as their home water!
Having said that I guess my answer would depend on what is in your home water.  Do you have a well or do you get your water from a municipal supply?  Do you have a water analysis?

I have also read some information on people with arthritis using an alkaline, ionized water.  Here is the website:  I don't know anything about this - just showing it to you F.Y.I.

Let me know if you have a water analysis of your water and, if so, please send it to me.  If you don't, and your water is from a municipal system, I can usually get it.

I will wait to hear back from you.


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