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Water Quality/Private Water well running low


Unfortunately this is going to be a very vague question, but I have a co-worker who owns a small cattle farm here in Oklahoma.

With the drought, her well has started to run low; last year she had to make the choice to water her crops or water the cattle. This year it's starting to affect her home living as well, pressure has gone down and she's starting to seriously ration usage.

She's mentioned if she was to drill deeper she'd hit water that was too salty to use on the crops/cattle. I'm sure there is a purification system she could use I just don't know where to point her or what she should be looking for. I'm ignorant of this subject and am just trying to help out an elderly friend. Any advice you could offer would be great.

Thanks so much!

Hi Shannon,
There are purification systems for cleaning up water that is salty.  The type of system depends on what is in the water that is causing the saltiness.  Also, the types of treatment that would be available would probably be too expensive for crops and possibly too expensive for cattle.  It just depends on how much water she would require per day.
If she has any way of getting a water analysis that would be very helpful in being more specific.  I realize that she hasn't drilled a well but if any of her neighbors have deeper wells and have had water tests perhaps she could get the information from them.  Or possibly the drilling companies in the area.
So, I will be glad to help if I can get more information.  


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