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I live in a home that we built two years ago.  We have a tankless water heater.  Since we have moved in I could smell an eggy smell in the water system.  I was convinced at first it was coming from the drain but now its seems it is coming from the water, cold and hot, but much worse with hot. This smell seems to come and go.  Right now it is so bad that I can taste it when brushing my teeth.    No one in my family has gotten sick, we don't smell eggy and our laundry doesn't stink.  My neighbors deny having this problem.  My question is where should I go from here?  We have city water too.  And I can remember a couple of months ago I remember thinking the bath water smelled like bleach.... Help!

Hi Ashley;
Thanks for your question. It seems that you have two water sources,well and city. If that is correct what are you using the city water for and what do you use the well water for? If you are using a new well it may need "shocked". That is a one time, heavy, chlorination to sort of sanitize or disinfect it. How much chlorine? You need on site help to determine that. If you want to switch to your city source,removing the chlorine (bleach) smell is relatively easy.You should have help there too. I recommend you visit WWW.WQA.ORG and find a certified water specialist in your area. They will come out, usually free of cost. and evaluate your problems and give you the best advice. You can take it from there. Having them come out is sort of like Chicken Soup....can't hurt....might help!  I hope I helped you a bit. Good Luck,Fred

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