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a)I left the hot water tap running far too long (gardening and forgot!)It switched itself off at the power board. Does that mean it emptied?!  If so, is the first water after it reheats O.K.? (thinking about the inside of an ?empty cylinder/legionnaires!!)

When I tried whether running hot or not,  too soon, it switched off again, but now very hot water, and not switching off. So, O.K.?
b)Is there value in switching off a water heater all night? Is it healthy when reheats next a.m?  Thankyou so much, N.S., New Zealand.

Most water heaters do not switch off unless a problem exists. If it came back on then there is probably no fault it, just a precautionary measure built into to it by the manufacturer. The first water that comes from it should be alright as it has been heated to an appropriate temp as to be safe. I would suggest obtaining the manual online and reading up on the apparatus operation cycle just to familiarize yourself with it.

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