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My well water seems to  have tons of calcium in it. I measure the Ph coming out of the kitchen sink at about 7.8 using a swimming pool test kit. I think this might be corroding my plumbing and if I try to water my blueberries from the hose, the leaves turn yellow because they need a lot of acid.

I am curious - could I simply pour a few buckets of water/muriatic acid solution down into the well every now and then? As long as I do it slowly over a few days and monitor the Ph, would there be any health hazards? I'm thinking, if it's ok in a swimming pool, it's probably ok in a well, but I just thought I'd ask.

Let me know your thoughts...

Jim K.
Allentown, PA

Hi Jim,
While your idea will certainly work I won't recommend it - too many things can go wrong and I can't take the liability of saying it would be OK.  However if you decide you want to try something like that I would use a "milder" acid like citric acid or sodium bisulfite.  Another idea might be to treat the blueberries with acidic fertilizer or coffee grounds.  We grow azaleas, that are acid loving, and we have found that putting our coffee grounds around the plants works great.  

If you are concerned about high levels of calcium scaling up your plumbing you may want to look at installing a water softener.  You may find that a softener also lowers the pH, although that isn't always the case.  You could have a water treatment company come out and test your water to find out.

Good luck Jim,

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