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Hello, a few months ago we began having huge amounts of sediment in our filter for the well.  We were told there was a cave in or readjustment of the well. It was so severe that we were changing the filter 4 time daily.  We have since changed to a stainless mesh type filter that we can flush instead of removing and inserting a new filter.

We have a well company that has added more gravel pack,  changed the pump and raised and lowered the pump into the well.  All of this has not changed the performance and we are still getting a lot of sediment.  Basically we have to flush the filter after every shower and my  system is constantly being plugged and watering sprinkler heads must be replaced.

What is something else that can be done?  I have been told that we can dump lots of water into the well to try and clean the perforations and then add more gravel pack.  Does this seem reasonable or what is another idea?

Thanks Mark

I will check with some of my associates in the well drilling industry and get back to you when I can find something that will be helpful.

Hi Mark,
I have checked into your situation and other than redrilling a new well or drilling yours much deeper the only solution I have been able to find is what is called a "Jaswell Seal"  I have never seen this done but one of my associates is aware of a couple of installations where it was used with some success.  Here is more information on this process:

I'm sorry I can't be of more help.  The only other suggestion I have is to install a large holding tank (1000-1500gallon) where the water would have time to settle out most of the sediment. Depending on the composition of the sediment this may or may not work.  You could try it on a small scale by filling a bucket and watching it over a couple of days.

Good luck Mark,

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