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Water Quality/Sulfur in well water a problem despite treatment


Dear Fred,
We live in upstate New York (near Goshen) and the well that supplies water to our house has always had a big sulfur problem. We got Bliss Pure Water of Walden to install a chlorination system, and it works reasonably well, though not perfectly, on the cold water. However, when we have a shower or use hot water the smell is absolutely terrible.
Sometimes huge amounts of black water come out of the tub taps.
At one point, we had to change an element in our water heater because it had been corroded by the suflur.
Is there anything we can do to solve the problem? What would you recommend? Should we be looking to set up a new well, as this one is just so bad?

Hi Sophie;
Thanks for your question,I hope I can be of a little help. Whenever I ran into high sulfur such as yours I would utilize an aeration system. It consisted of an aeration tank ( about 150 gallons ) which drew water from the well and sprayed it like a fountain inside the tank.The tank was open to the atmosphere and allowed the sulfur gas to dissipate into the air. The tank also had an exhaust fan which expelled the sulfur to the exterior of the home. The aeration also oxidized any sulfur,iron or manganese (the black stuff)and any other gases that might be in the water. The system  allowed for the introduction of chlorine for further oxidation and,as a by-product,disinfection.It also allowed for injecting any PH controlling chemical which might be needed.In the aeration tank was another water pump followed by a pressure tank.This is needed because we took the water from a pressurized delivery system (your current well pump and pressure tank) and opened it to atmosphere which of course de-pressurized it.Then we followed the aeration system with any physical filtration or conditioning as needed.
Municipal water customers pay a good price to the utility company for the delivery of decent quality water. Folks like us who depend on wells BECOME THE UTILITY COMPANY! YOU are responsible for the quality of the water in "Roellville"! YOU are the utility company.You will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of your system. There will be some if you want the optimum performance. The benefit is clean,safe,water for your home and family.There are no easy fixes or magic filters.Your water treatment company should be happy to assist the "Roellville" utility company. IF they can't handle it go online to and find a certified water specialist who will. Good luck,and I hope this helps you understand your problem.

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