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We have recently started having trouble with our well. Our neighbor has put in a trailor park which caused water to flood our property and causing numerous problems with our septic tank after repairing the septic system it was advised that our neighbor put in a ditch to re route the water runoff. the placement of the ditch now re routes the water near our well house. the problems we are now experiencing after several days of rain and lots of runoff from the ditch are 1. a brownish staining of our toilets and the washer and dishwasher. 2. the water now as a metalic taste and smells like metal.This is of a lot of concern to me and my family. Just curious if the placement of the ditch and now the problems we are experiencing are related?

Hi Katie;
Your name is the same as my daughter! Thanks for asking. Your problem should probably be addressed to your county health department or maybe even your local EPA! There are probably regulations concerning how far a runoff ditch has to be located from a neighbor's well and most likely a regulation concerning septic tanks as well. The fact that the quality of your water supply has been affected, the developer most likely has to foot the bill to correct the situation.Maybe you should consult your attorney and ask him/her what action you should take. As a word of caution it would be best if you used bottled water for cooking and drinking.Until this problem is resolved. Good luck to you and your family.

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