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Dear Mr. Brunetti,

I am a retired professional, with a BA degree in chemistry, primarily in the late 1960s working for Dr. George B. Butler the discoverer of cyclo-polymerization and inventor of poly diallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride floccutating agent. I am weak in water chemistry, but planning an upgrade of a residential water treatment system in central Maryland.

My old system worked extremely well for 12 years but it an antique manual water softener in need of replacement, with chlorine injection system to deal with a limited H2S problem.

The raw water is from a 170 ft. deep well drilled in 2000, and has been measured in the 12-15 grain of hardness and 1.5 ppm of iron.  The previous system used a 40,000 grain manual late 1970's ion exchange tank (with new resin added in 2001) and Pulsafeeder Pulsatron Plus 8 injector pump for chlorine injection to oxidize the H2S.  There was an approximately 50 gal. holding tank after the treatment system to buffer the chlorination.

I have a very limited area for the treatment system utilizing two 20 micron whole house filters, and a R/O system for potable water near the kitchen sink as well as refrigerator water.  Bacterial testing has been repeatedly negative.

I am now being told that I need an inline chlorine mixing system, a new whole house filter system, a 24,000 grain ion exchange resin tank and both a chlorine and brine holding tank, all for about $2K.  I believe I could get by with smaller 11 in. square brine and chemical tanks which would provide much needed space, at substantially less cost, and am not sure the chlorine mixing chamber is necessary, assuming a front loading washer, and fewer than 4 or 5 people in the house.

I have no problem with donations and if we can come to some reasonable discussion about how to deal with this system at a lower cost will be generous.

I will be away with no email access from Sept. 21 to Oct. 5 but would like to initiate contact before leaving and follow up on returning.

Please respond to my email address:  .

All the best,

Charles L. Rogers

Hi Mr Rogers. Thanks for asking, I would be glad to help.You ask to respond to your email address but it is not included.We can communicate through all experts  just about as easily. Contact me when you come back. I will be in Michigan until the 12th of October so maybe you had better wait until then. Hope to hear from you and good luck.

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