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I just got my water report and was wondering you could tell me how to treat the problem areas any general suggestions you can give. The water is from a well, does not taste very good and gives you an upset stomach after just one glass.  Two coliform and bacteria tests proved I "potable" in the past 8 years.  I have a water softer system installed and just turned it back on at 15gpg with mortons system saver, its a Kenmore 300 series.  I use Poland spring for drinking now. Also I have a whole house ge water filter on now with the low level pleated sediment filter installed. Will this water softner raise sodium and chloride levels too high even if I'm not drinking it?  Is there a way that won't cost thousand to make the whole house water clean and drinkable.  Thanks for any help, Heres the report:  From where it comes into house before any treatment or filtering.
Ph - 6.4
Total dissolved solids - 696
Electrical conductivity mmho/cm - 1.16
Cations - 10.9
Anions - 10.7
Sodium - 128
Potassium - 8
Calcium - 86
Magnesium -10
Total hardness - 257
Nitrate -5.8
Sulfate -9
Chloride - 262
Carbonate - <1
Bicarbonate - 136
Total alkalinity - 136
Total phosphorous - <0.01
Total iron - <0.01
< not detected below detection limit.

Hi Tom;
Thanks for asking AE. Sorry for the delay. I am out of town and don't get the chance to go
on line often. Your situation and water test tells me that you don't have a DIY project here.
I recommend calling a professional and after an onsite evaluation have them install a system
designed to address your problems and have them explain the maintenance to you.Pay special attention to your drinking water.You will have additional sodium in the treated water,however your total dissolved solids level is so high that you should consider reverse-osmosis for your drinking water and ice anyway. Continue to drink the bottled water until you resolve all your problems. Occassionally it is economically more effecient to use bottled water for consumption.You can go to and find a certified water treatment specialist in your area to come to your home. Their evaluation,analysis,and recommendations are usually free. With water like yours make sure you ask about guarantees.It may be wise to rent a system if your water is too aggressive and hard on equipment. My way of looking at it when you have well water you don't really get away from a water utility bill.You became your own utility company and the quality and safety of your water to your home and family is up to you.Folks on municipal supplies pay a lot of money per month to be assured that the water coming out of their taps is baceriologically safe for drinking and ok for bathing and cleaning.Even then sometimes they have to soften it for cleaning and purify it to a higher quality of their liking for consumption and ice.If you were just painting your porch I'd say go to Sears or Home Depot, buy some paint and splash it on. But on something so essential to your health and well being I would strongly suggest you leave it to the professionals. Good luck to you in this brand new year, I hope I helped a little.

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