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How do I get rid of or control the manganese in my well water? I was told to dump bleach down the well and flush extensively. Old well with cast iron casing about 88 feet deep. Tried to fill a hot tub but water was dark gray.thanks toml

Hi Tom,

First of all I need to know how much manganese you have in the well water.  The manganese concentration will determine my choice of treatment protocols to recommend.  I should say that I have never heard of using bleach to control manganese and I am certain that it will not work in the method you are using it.  Or any method I am aware of for that matter.

If you don't know the manganese concentration in the well water  you should have it analyzed.  Usually the city or county health department will run well tests free of charge, especially when there is a potential pollutant and health hazard in the water.  Manganese can cause serious health problems if exposure is high enough.  Recent studies have shown and indicated that current manganese limits in drinking water may not be adequate.  You should get on this one ASAP.  I don't mean to be an alarmist but I wouldn't drink this water until we have determined what to do.
I will wait to hear back from you.


Stephen Young
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