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We live in Southern Illinois and are using a deep well for our water source. The water has a metallic salty taste so we have installed a RO drinking water system, but would like to have something for the whole house as our sinks, toilets etc. have a orange stain that develops and white spotting on I have recently had the water tested by two different companies. They both are saying I have I TDS.  The following are the results from the last test done 11/5/14:
pH- 8.6
TDS - 1800 ( previous test done in April was 1221 )
Iron - trace
Manganese- ND
Copper - trace
Nitrates - ND
Sulfides -ND
Tannins - ND

Any advice you can recommend would be greatly appreciated.  If more info is needed, just let me know. Thank you.

Hi Debbie;
Thanks for asking All Experts and I hope your Holiday Season is going well.
It sounds like you have your hands full there.The pH,iron and the TDS bothers me. It tells me that your water would spot whether your water was filtered some way or not. The cure I have used in the past for a problem like yours was 'whole-house Reverse Osmosis). The systems are out there and maybe have come down a little in price.(they were pricey)Check with the local water treatment company to see if whole-house r/o would fit your needs. I know that iron can cause problems with any r/o system. Reverse osmosis water is aggresive in copper plumbing.You  might have to either change your pipes to PVC or feed a chemical, (poly-phosphate) through your plumbing.If your iron is "organic", called bacterial iron, you may have to constantly disinfect. This is another whole different treatment with its own set of problems.Go to www.wqa.org and try to find a Certified Water Specialist in your area to explain the different options.Trying to DIY would be frustrating,you need a pro. I hope I have helped a little. If you have more questions don't hesitate to ask.

good luck,

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