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Water Quality/Storage Tank Electronic Monitoring Meter.


Dear Dr Pillai

It may or may not be useful, but is it possible to design and develop a system "Storage Tank Electronic Monitoring Meter with a display unit" which will allow us to view the Level of Liquid viz water, oil, gas etc storage in the Storage Tank and also possibly able to control other Storage Tank operations viz Start, Stop, Pause etc liquid, gas etc flow in the Storage Tank. The Storage Tank Electronic Monitoring Meter will have Push buttons GUI Interface.

The Electronic Monitoring meter system will be wired or wireless.

Is it feasible to design the above Electronic Monitoring Meter for Storage Tanks ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Dear Sri Akerkar,
Sorry that I received the question today only.
It is always convenient to have a user friendly monitoring system with remote operation facility from a mob if possible. of course it should be accessible by mobphone. For industrial storage tank this facility is already available. Look in to the details of existing devices; ther is always a better (and cheaper) way of doing things.
Best wishes

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