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Dear Dr Pillai

1. Can a Water Purifier be designed and constructed which is battery operated instead of the mains power ac supply ?.

2. Can a Remote control be designed for a Water Purifier Machine ?.

3. Which is a Better product among electrical and non electrical water purifier machines ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

1. Yes, the disinfectant mechanism and alarms have to designed based on the battery.

2. Yes. To what extent you want to control it in the remote mode, based on that the remote control, including cell phone control can be done. It is simple exercise for an electronics expert.

3. Except for the claims of the vendors, no unbiased investigation report is available.

Advantages are derived from the context of use, and the user's pocket.
Most of the devices have a filter to remove suspended solids, a carbon filter which can remove organic matter and a disinfectant which may be chemical or physical. Compared to simple clear water, these have the advantages of easy to use and an exhibition value. If you can afford to boil (roll boil for one minute, I recommend that.  

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