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We just moved into an apartment(attached to a house) that has been empty since September 2013. We have a shared well with a water conditioner but have a seperate water heater. For some reason since we moved in, the hot water has smelled like pennies. Our cousin who lives in the main house said it was because the water conditioner needed salt but even after he added the salt, the hot water continues to smell funny. I also installed a carbon wrapped whole house filter which seems to lessen the smell but not completely get rid of it.

Is there something else I could be missing?


Hi Amanda;Thanks for asking. If you take care of the conditioner it will serve you well. If you know where the equipment is  from call them out for a service call and ask them if about  draining the water heaters. You might ask them to check your water to make sure the water conditioner is calibrated for your needs. See if your landlord will participate. Your landlord might be able to advise you on maintenance of the equipment as well. Once you system is up to speed your odors problems,with some usage,should be under control.
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