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Water Quality/high sediment in well water


I have a new home/well and moved in about 1 year ago.  I had a water softener installed about 6 months after I moved in.  I still see white deposits on my faucets and inside the toilets. So I asked my plumber to check the water softener.  Everything looks good with that and I have soft water.  My problem seems to be high levels of sediment in the water (I know double the chlorides and other stuff).  He started pricing out a unit which involves a 400 gal open water tank, reverse osmosis, UV light and other stuff.  I was thinking this was a bit extreme.  And advised me that in 5 years my pipes could be block and will be to redo them.  

My question is will this sediment eventually settle down and become less due to the well only being a year old or should I really be installing all this stuff?

Here is the details on my well:
Depth - 410 ft
Well flow - 5 gpm
Static level - 20ft
Oh and I am 274 ft above sea level (if you were wondering)

Thanks Jen

Hi Jennifer,
I really need a water analysis to answer your question properly.  I have no idea what you mean by "double the chlorides and other stuff" ???  If your problem is actually "sediment" in the water you don't need an RO (reverse osmosis) unit.  You need a good filter.  I think what the plumber is recommending is total overkill from what you have described.  I have never heard of pipes completely blocked so bad they had to be replaced!  That's a new (and maybe effective) sales technique.

So, get me a water analysis as soon as you can.  In most places the county will perform a water analysis.  If not tell your plumber that you need one.  He (hopefully) is equipped to do basic water testing.  If not, he shouldn't be selling softeners, ro units, etc.

What I need in the analysis is the following:

TDS (total dissolved solids)
TSS (total suspended solids)

That should do it.  Email me the results, via this website, when you get it and I will tell you how to proceed.


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