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Why do I have black water after chlorination of well? Doesn't seem to be clearing up. Thanks for any help.

Hi Bill
Thanks for asking.Sorry I am so late answering. I have been on vacation from Ohio.Went to Florida! Anyway,Chlorine is a strong oxidizer and will create black water in the presence of iron or manganese or sulfur. You don't say how deep your well is,the size of the casing, the static level of the water or the water analysis. You could have either a major or minor problem. There is no way for me to know the answer to your problem. I suggest that you visit www.wqa.org,that is the Water Quality Association. They will come to your home and do a thorough evaluation and give you some solutions. Usually at no cost to you. Then you will have the information you are looking for to make an intelligent choice. I hope this helps you!

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My field of expertise is in domestic water treatment. I am retired and have 28 years of experience in the water treatment field. I have earned the designation of Water Specialist, level five, from the Water Quality Association.I can offer help in the solution for private wells` problems as to `point of entry` and `point of use` treatments. these would include,disinfection,conditioning,and purification for drinking including reverse osmosis technology. Problems concerning well pumps,or plumbing or well drilling are out of my field,as well as commericial,industrial or municipal water treatment. I prefer to limit questions to the average homeowner`s use.Since retiring I have added consultation on the care and ,maintenance of domestic water treatment systems. These include filtration, conditioning/softening,chemical feed, and drinking water systems.


over 28 years testing private wells and application of various water treatment systems for a 65 year old water treatment company.Now retired and doing independent water consulting.BR>
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Water Quality Association


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