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Hi we recently bought this house. It has well water and a water softening system that we put salt in. The problem started upstairs. First the shower pressure is awful and has been since the day we moved in then a few months later and squire suddenly our Jacuzzi bathtub water started looking dirty it had a slight brown color and you would drain the water and it would look like our kids took a bath after playing in sand there were lots of little dark specs in the water. We called our home warranty people and 75 dollars later they couldn't help us the plumber said maybe galvanized pipes but he wasn't sure at first he thought sediment in the water coming though but it was only coming from that faucet. He said it was still a possibility bc this was the only water that you put a ton of water into. Then the downstairs toilet starting acting up and the drain will move very slowly we tried plunging and drano and even a few cans of Pepsi ( an old home remedy) it would work for like a day or two then back to being slow usually at night it will flush appropriately once or twice. We tried snaking the drain and it was no help. Now our water in all drains is starting to have a very off smell maybe a metal smell? Our water softener has a special light that takes our bacteria and when our water was tested right before moving in everything was just fine. We've been here almost a year August 6th. Any ideas what the issue might be and how to fix it. The first plumber was a waste of money cuz he didn't fix any issues I hate to call another and hear the same I really don't know speal. Thanks in advance for any advice

Hi Nichole,
It is very hard for me to diagnose this problem without actually being able to see it.  My guess is that your softener is contaminated and not working properly,  You need to find out who manufactured the water softener and call them and have technician from that company come out and look at the situation.  Most plumbers know nothing about water softeners other than the basic issues of how to hook them up.  You need someone who is familiar with a water softener.  In the meantime your water softener should have a by-pass so that water does not pass through it - rather it just goes around it.  Turn that on so the water no longer goes thru the softener until you have someone look at it.  The light you are talking about is an ultraviolet light that is used to control bacteria.  I don't think this is related to your current problem
Give this suggestion a try and let me know how it turns out.
Good luck,

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