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Water Quality/city water or ground water/spring ?


I have a problem with water leaching into my yard and the city tells me it is not their water. I have had a private company test the water for chlorine and fluoride and the readings they get are 10x higher than the city's test results. The test results from the private co. samples are :

1 sample taken from my yard in a hole I dug the night before.

2 sample taken from a French drain discharge 150 ft. from the water source in yard. discharge is underground and has a lot of 1"rock buried w/ the pipe.

1 chlorine .33 mg/l

2 chlorine . 03 mg/l

1 fluoride .45 mg/l

2 fluoride .37 mg/l

no lawn fertilizer on yard since 08/2013

the city sample did not turn pink when they added a catalyst. private co. added catalyst and immediately turned pink.
1.will fluoride and chlorine dissipate if it is filtering through soil and rock ? there an analytical test to distinguish between natural occurring fluoride and the chemical fluorosilic acid that is added at the treatment plant ? we have spent 12,000$ trying to divert the water away from the foundation of our home and it continues to follow the water and electric services underground to our foundation. we are trying to get the city to look for a leak , but they insist that it is spring water or ground water. we are desperate for help and answers. thank you very much for any help at all.

Hi Matt;
Thanks for your question. Honestly, I can't answer whether or not you are getting municipal water. However I can share an experience I had. A customer of mine was concerned that their neighbors septic was leaching into their well. They called a company to do a dye test. They put color into the neighbor's drain water and sure enough the color came through in their well! Maybe if you can have a company access the city water line and inject a dye you might be able to prove your case. I hope this helps a little. In my experience naturally occurring flouride has been found but to my best recall never chlorine..
Good Luck

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