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I live in North Central Texas. The well is over 600', I have high sodium,392 ppm which affects the alkalinity 591 ppm, TDS 1319 ppm and I do have turbidity. the water is very soft 0 grains per gallon. All other factors are fine and I plan to put a whole house R.O. system in. My question is about bacteria, will an ultra-violet system take care of the bacteria as I found out bacteria will built-up in the R.O. and become deadly.

Hi Holland;
Thanks for asking. It sounds like R/O is the way to go but in combination with a chemical-feed system for disinfection. Chlorination works well unless you have a lot of iron. Hydrogen Peroxide is a good choice if you do have a lot of iron since it isn't as strong of an oxidizer as Chlorine.You may follow the chemical-feed with Ultra Violet as further protection then the R/O.You might visit Wqa.org to find a water specialist who will come out usually at no cost to explain the systems to you. They will diagnose your water and give you the information you need to make an informed decision.Ask them about the 'flow rates'and pressure you need to operate such a system economically. You do need a good strong well to accomplish your goals.
Good luck, Fred

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