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We use well water and have a an on demand hot water heater.  All of our well water goes through our US Water Greenware Plus filter system. We also have a 5 micron filter immediately after the water exits the hot water heater which is where we discovered the white/gray material. We had a water test performed on the water after it exits the US Water Greenware Plus filter system and the water registered a hardness of 4 Grains, Silica SiO2 of 13 PPM; Solids, Total Dissolved of 425 PPM; Calcium of 15.9 PPM; Magnesium of 5.21 PPB; and silicon of 6120 PPB..  We have replaced our demand hot water heater twice and thought we had solved the problem with the US Water Greenware Plus filter system. We are concerned that the demand hot water heater will eventually malfunction because of the white/gray material. We would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Richard

Hi Richard;
Thanks for asking and sorry about the delay in responding but there were some health issues that kept me off the PC this past week. Whenever a water appliance changes the temperature of  the water the problems of hardness are amplified.Such as in water heaters and coffee pots.Do your coffee makers last many years? One way to find out if hardness, calcium and magnesium, is the culprit, try to dissolve some of the white/gray junk with white vinegar, if it does dissolve then hardness could be the problem. To find out if you have hardness, buy youself a bar of Ivory Soap. Run tepid water over the bar into a glass,if the water is clear and has suds then your water is ok. If the water turns gray,is sudsless and has some scum forming then the odds are hardness is the culprit.You may want to have someone from the WQA visit (at no charge) to determine the cause. Go to WQA.Org to find a specialist in your area.They will advise you and give you the facts to help you make an intelligent choice of treatment.

Good Luck ,and again, I apologize for the delay in responging.

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