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Hello there,

My water pump is coming-on every 2-3 hours for a few seconds even though the tap or toilet isn't flushed...the pump is VERY noisy and wakes me up at night...this has only just started...I have a dug well and a water filter installed...I have checked to see if there are any dripping taps or toilet run-on but no...can you please advise me...I am loosing sleep at night...Cheers!..Donna

Hi Donna:
Thanks for your question. From what you describe you don't have a pump problem. The most likely culprit is your pressure tank. The purpose of a pressure tank is to keep your pump from running all the time.It is supposed to kick on when your pressure in the tank falls below a certain level of pressure per square inch (usually 20 PSI) and run until the pressure reaches the optimum level usually (40 PSI). Therefore something is causing a loss of pressure. If you have a bladder-type pressure tank (normally blue or gray fiberglass or painted metal).Then you have a leaky bladder and the pressure tank will need replaced. If you have a "captured air" pressure tank,sans bladder,  it is normally galvanized steel on the outside and there is a tap to drain it and/or an air valve to put air in similar to a tire valve and also a pressure guage. If you have the captured air type you will have to drain it and refill it and inject air
until it reads 40 or 50PSI. Then set your pump control to run at 20PSI and to turn off at 40PSI. The pump control is usually a small rectangular box located after the pressure tank.Remove the cover and you should see a setting screw which you use to adjust the pump cycle. I prefer the bladder type myself and if I had your problem I would opt to buy a new baldder-type pressure tank in any case. Less problems & longer life. Just make sure that it is sized correctly.It does require some expertise. Better let a pro do it.Visit and you can find a certified water specialist to come to your home and give you the proper sizing.Ask the specialist to do a pump draw down test and a flow rate test for you to  determine you well's strength. While they're at it ask them to do a water quality test too.They
normally do this at no cost to you. Good Luck,Fred

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