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Water Quality/Bad tasting water after well pump replacement


I had my well pump replaced 3weeks ago.The original pump was 1.5 Hp and was set at 640ft in a 705ft well and the water level was 80ft. They replaced pump with a 1Hp pump and set it at 540ft. They added chorine and the pump works fine. The chorine smell went away after a week but the water now tastes like water from an old hose. Not very plesant. Prior, the water was great tasting. Could it be that the plastic pipe sections that used to be under water are now above water and that is causing the bad taste?

Hello Dennis,
I don't think it's the plastic pipe - unless they used a pipe that was not made for potable water.  I would recommend flushing the system as much as you are comfortable doing and I think the taste will improve. Also, get a portable chlorine test kit at Home Depot or Lowes if you can or order one online and test the total and free chlorine.  When you have done that let me know what the results are.

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