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QUESTION: Hi Steve, I have just had a presentation by an Aquatec salesman
here in the UK. We have a water softener but he demonstrated and said that water softeners are rubbish but Aquatec install "Pure Water Systems" that remove all the nasties and don't add salt.
At 5000 for the whole house it is quite expensive. I have read quite a few bad reviews on Aquatec UK which I believe is not connected to Aquatec in the USA.
A few questions:
1) Is Aquatec in the UK a good company with good products as they do not seem to be listed at Companies House? Is it a scam?
Are they connected or part of any US company?
2) Is Pure water better than water from our water softener?
3) Are there better cheaper systems available if Pure Water is better than softened water?
Thanks, Trevor

ANSWER: Hi Trevor,
I would be glad to see if I can help you work through your water questions.  In order for me to start I need some information:

1.  Do you know what the the price he quoted you would be in US $$?

2.  Do you have a well for  your house or do you use city water>

3.  You mention that you currently have a water softener.  Do you have an analysis of your city or well water that you can share with me? I am particularly interested in the following parameters:
total hardness, calcium, magnesium, total dissolved solids, silica, chloride, sulfates, total alkalinity.

4. Does the Aquatec product have a model number?  Do they mention what type of a system it is?  Do they use the term RO or Reverse Osmosis?  How often do you have to change the membrane in their system?

Get back to me with these answers Trevor and I will work on it for you.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Steve,
Thanks for your reply & the answers are:
1) $7500.
2) City water.
3) Don't have analysis but it is a hard water area we live in.
4) They just call it The Aquatec Complete Water Purification & Filtration System. They mention NO3 removal but not RO or Reverse Osmosis. I don't think that they are connected to Aquatec in the USA.
There are several bad reviews of them on the Internet in the UK so I don't know if they are genuine.

Hello Trevor,
I have been unable to find out anything about this company.  Based on the information you have given me I, personally, would just continue with your present water treatment system.  I see no reason to change to a system that is so difficult to do background checks on.  Should they become more transparent you may want to consider it but I doubt that will happen.
Good luck,


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