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I have used the well at my home for 14 years and it has been in existence for much longer than that.  I just replaced the pump two summers ago and have never had a supply problem.  I have the opportunity to connect to city water for free. The property down gradient from me is highly polluted from previous industrial activity.  The firm that recently purchased the property wants to downgrade the water designation from GA to GB, but as I have a well, they need my agreement.  I am the only well in the ENTIRE area!  I am torn...I love the taste of my water!  I know our city water is not even close to the same taste quality, but I am concerned about potential contamination, even though it hasn't occured yet.  The water was recently tested by the DEP and the only item found was Nitrates.  Not at an action level yet, but on the higher end of the scale.
Do you have any advice for me?  The hook-up would be extremely expensive otherwise...
Thank you.

Thanks for your question Denise. It gives me the opportunity to share a few enlightenments with you. First, probably the worst tests for water quality are sight, taste and smell. Some waters could LOOK pristine and yet be highly cantaminated even dangerous; e.g. One can add deadly amounts of chlorine to murky water and it will sparkle but you couldn't drink it. Water containing arsenic will have a very pleasant almond taste! Sulphur water smells like rotten eggs but some drink it for the laxative effect, sort of like a tonic.Add enough chlorine to it and it will improve the smell but NOT the quality.A high level of nitrates are a signal that the water quality is detiorating.When I have a high level of nitrates in my aquarium I know it is time for a water change or lose some fish!So in an analigious way you are asking if fire insurance might be a good idea because you are noticing a litte smoke coming from your basement, but you have lived there fourteen years and haven't had a fire so far.The question I have is that in the beginning of your query you state that you can have city water connected for free and then you say the hook up will be expensive.Well, be that as it may, your choice is invest in good water or play a roulette game with your well and maybe end up connecting to the city later anyway if the well gets too bad. I wish you the best Denise and hope you I have helped you in your choices. Thanks again, Fred

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