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Water Quality/Water tastes bad after new well pump install


Eileen wrote at 2013-10-28 13:59:12
Steve,Thanks for the info...we just went and had tank and pump replaced as well. Following your lead.great post. One question , what about dishwasher, I did a run several days after. Is this safe??? Eileen

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I will answer questions on residential water treatment, i.e. use of softeners, filters, reverse osmosis systems, disinfection, iron and/or sediment removal and other issues facing the homeowner. I have worked extensively with well water systems.


I have worked in the water treatment area for many years as a consultant and as a professional environmental engineer in the private industry sector. I have designed reverse osmosis, deionization, and water softening systems. I have also done work in water quality and stream and river remediation as it relates to the Clean Water Act.

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