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I live in a rural area with a newly drilled well 12 years ago when we first moved in our water was brown, smelled bad (not sulfur like though) and stained my clothes when washed.  That problem cleared up on its own.  In the last 3 weeks we are having the same problems the water is a yellowy brown.  It is staining the toilets and light colored laundry.  It smells so bad its hard to have a shower.  We are not drinking or cooking with it.  When I wash dishes by the time I'm done, the water is almost black.  We have tried running a hose to clear the water twice the only thing it did was dry up the well.  We have always had lots of water.  We do have a water softener. Could you tell me what we should do next.    Thank you

This is a strange one.  I have heard of water changing in a well over the years due to naturally occurring changes in the ground.  But to be clear for many years then turn smelly and almost black is one I have never experienced.  If it were mine, I would go to a lab and ask them what they would check for.  Then get the bottles they provide and take the samples.  Once you know what is in the water; you can treat it.  If you can tell me what the results are, I might know what kind of unit will straighten it out.

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